An Overview

The low valleys of the Pabbar and Giri produce the best peaches, the best jams and chutneys, and the best soft adventure in Sirmaur. It was founded by Raja Rasalu, son of Raja Salvahan of Jaiselmer, its area being approximately the same as under the ancient kingdom of Srugna. Its earlier capital Sirmuri Tal was washed away by the floods in Giri river in 12th century & later Nahan became the headquarters.  Common Attractions are Nahan, Paonta Sahib, Renuka lake, Churdhar, Rajgarh, Jamu Peak, etc. There are many treks in Sirmaur and the highest peak in Sirmaur is Churdhar. Sirmaur, a land adorned with lofty mountains, deep gorges, treacherous ravines, lush valleys and meadows and laced by gurgling rivulets is a quixotic land of dreams. It is the southernmost district in the south-eastern region of Himachal Pradesh, India. It is largely mountainous and rural, with 90% of its population living in villages.

Tourism is always a core revenue-generating sector in hill stations. Likewise Sirmaur District, abounding in resplendent natural beauty offers a host of tourist spots in the tourism triangle of Nahan, Renuka and Paonta Sahib ranging from Nahan Town, Dhaula Kuan, Girinagar, Trilokpur Temple, The Sahastra Dhara, the Khodri Dak Pathar, Kafota as well as various revered gurudwara and temples in Paonta Sahib, Choordar, Gayatri Temple, Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary in Renuka and Suketi- famous for the Shivalik Fossil Park where fossils over 85 million years old have been found. Mohit Chauhan the famous singer is from Nahan town. Trekatribe offers Trekking and sightseeing in all parts of the district including Choordhar Peak trek, Renuka lake and, Suketi Fossil Park.

Quick Facts-

77° 01'12" to77°49'40" East Longitude upto 30°22'30" to 31°01'20" North Latitude.

Altitude varying between 300 - 3647 meters

        Highest Peak in Sirmaur- Churdhar (3,647 meters)

Population- 458593 (2011)

Area- 2825 sq. km

Rivers- Yamuna & Giri

Literacy- 78.8%

Sex Ratio- 918

Treks in Sirmaur