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Top 5 Unexplored Treks To try out in 2018: Escape the Ordinary

unexplored treks in himachal pradesh

Top 5 Unexplored Treks To Try Out in 2018: Escape the Ordinary

By Vaibhav Thakur

Travelling is no doubt one of the best ways to learn about yourself and others. Every trip is an eye-opener. A new trip to an unexplored and new place benefits us in many ways. It is a different life experience. All is well in the state of Himachal Pradesh and it is India's only state that holds all five ranges that comprise the Great Himalayas. Himachal Pradesh offers a wider variety of experiences.  

Here is our list of some of the unexplored treks to try out in 2018. These unexplored treks are for those who are in love with nature and want to explore beyond limits. Escape the ordinary and explore something new this season.

  1. Yulla Kanda Lake, Kinnaur- Himalayan lakes offer a spiritual high and Yulla Kanda lake is a hidden lake in the Rora valley of Kinnaur mountains. It is placed at a commanding height of 12,778 feet. Legend says that the Pandavas have spent some time here living beside Yulla Kanda lake. In the middle of the lake is a small Lord Krishna temple, it is the highest Krishna's temple in the world. In winter the lake freezes completely and in other seasons one has to jump from stone to stone to get to the temple. The trek length of Yulla Kanda is 11 km (one-way). Trekatribe takes you to this unexplored lake in the month of May (25-27 May; snow-trek) and September (1-3 September; Janmashtami celebrations). Trekatribe also offers customized group tours to this magical lake from May-October.Unexplored Yulla Kanda
  2. Kinner Kailash Shivlingam, Kinnaur- In the mystical vales of Kinnaur Kingdom lies the Kinner Kailash Shivling (4,650 m). It has been open to tourists since 1993 but yet unexplored by many. The 79-ft high rock formation, resembling a Shivling is deeply revered by Hindus and Buddhists alike. This trek is a challenging trek and 90% of this trek is steeply inclined. It is surely going to test your physical and mental endurance. The trek length of this trek is 17 km (one-way). Trekatribe takes you to this unexplored trek in the month of June (22-26 June). Trekatribe also offers customized group tours to this spiritual trek from June-September.Unexplored Kinner Kailash
  3. Neelkanth Mahadev Lake, Lahaul- Neelkanth Mahadev lake trek is a high altitude (4,200 m) trek in Lahaul area of Himachal Pradesh. The trek length of this trek is 15 km (one-way). This is an unexplored trek with wild beauty and an ever-changing landscape. This lake is in Tappan Valley of Lahaul. Few glacial water streams with freezing cold water, beautiful meadows, and steep slopes have to be crossed to reach this crystal clear blue lake which has healing properties. This trek is surely going to woe you. Once you go, you will know! Trekatribe takes you to this unexplored lake in the month of July (27-30 July). Trekatribe also offers customized group tours to this heavenly lake from July-September.Unexplored Neelkanth Mahadev Lake
  4. Dehnasar Lake, Kangra- It is one of the highest lakes in the Dhauladhar ranges at an elevation of 4,280 m. Ghora Lotnu Peak is just upright this spectacular lake. It is a sacred lake and is visited by local and tribal villagers during August-September. The circumference of this lake is 800 meters. Witness the untouched beauty of the Himalayas with Trekatribe. Shepherds are commonly sighted along the trek and you will also witness rare varieties of herbs and flowers. The trek length of this trek is 15 km (one-way). Trekatribe takes you to this unexplored lake in the month of August (3-6 August). They also offers customized group tours to this pure lake from August-September.Dehnasor Lake Trek
  5. Grahan, Parvati Valley- It is an explored village in Parvati Valley. This refreshing trek will take you through the rich forests of Parvati valley with the peaceful sound of streams, birds, bees and the breeze. If you are looking for a place to find some peace, awesome views and a local culture feel, then Grahan is the right trek for you. It is an easy to moderate trek with trek length of 12 km (one-way) and a perfect new destination for trekking beginners. It is away from the crowd and the houses are 200 years old with no roads, ATM and no cellular network, a perfect Escape. Trekatribe takes you to this unexplored village in the month of May (11-13 May) and December (14-16 December). Trekatribe also offers customized group tours to this magical lake from April-December.Grahan Village Trekking - Stunning view Of Parvati Valley


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