About us

About Us !

Trekatribe Vision


Trekatribe is committed to achieve success while leaving a positive impact on our society.

Performance with Purpose is our vision.

We visualize covering all the treks around the world and start other Innovative ideas like:

  • Music Concerts
  • Photography and Mountain Cycling events
  • Jungle Safari
  • Adventure activities like Glacier Climbing, Skiing, etc.
  • Travel Gear and Clothing
  • A social platform for Travelers throughout the Globe
  • Cleanliness drives
  • Tree plantation drives
  • Providing help to the Tribal people

We are here for a positive change.

Trekatribe Mission


Exploration - To explore deep, peaceful, undiscovered and unexplored places of the Himalayas and beyond.
Customer Satisfaction - We care deeply for our Customers.
Assistance - To Know more about the Tribes of the Himalayas and to assist them in a possible way.
• To Spread Peace, Love & Truth.
• To be Effective, Productive and Innovative.
• To Inspire Creativity, Passion, Fun & Freedom.
Trekatribe Motto


We Endeavor with our Motto “Deeds Not Words”.




Trekatribe- Why Choose us


Vaibhav Thakur Trekatribe Founder

Vaibhav Thakur

Managing Director/Travel Planner/ Trek Leader/ Digital Marketer

Started Trekatribe with a mission to Explore beyond Limits. He is a B.Tech / M.B.A post-graduate from Shimla. His passion for travel and love for nature encouraged him to start Trekatribe. He is a spiritual free soul, a nature photographer and loves to motivate people to live a positive life and follow their dreams. He aims to positively transform the travel industry in Himachal.

Gaurav Pal Trekatribe

Gaurav Pal

Trekking Leader

Started Trekatribe with an aim to Explore the Himalayas, to meet new people, to know about different cultures and to expand the mind by more travelling and exploring the unexplored. He is a B.Tech graduate in E.C.E. He is a Nature lover, Shiva lover, Music lover, Passionate Trekker, Explorer, Adventure seeker and always aims to Explore beyond his Limits.

Nishant Arora -Trekatribe

Nishant Arora

Graphic Designer

His aim of life is to become a traveler and cover all the less traveled roads. He is a B.tech graduate and a Freelance Graphic Designer by profession, photographer and guitarist by passion. He loves to travel and want to share his experience around the globe, which was his main reason behind starting Trekatribe and provide the whole new experience to everyone.

Tanuj Sharma

Website Designer/Trek Leader

He is a B.tech graduate from Shimla. He has worked with My Indian Stay & Huhtamaki PPL. He is a nature and animal lover. His love for wildlife encouraged him to join Trekatribe. He loves to imagine and bring out new ideas to help conserve our nature. He envisions to clean all the Himalayan treks regularly through the platform of Trekatribe and make trekking more exciting.

Kamakshi Pal Trekatribe

Kamakshi Pal

Trekking Leader

She is NIM certified mountaineer & a B.tech graduate from U.P.T.U ,  living in Delhi. She has quit her regular job because of her passion
for travelling. She is a nature as well as animal lover which encouraged her to join Trekatribe. According to her, there will be so much love in this world if we all accept humanity, music and travel as our religion.

Vinayak Goswami

Vinayak Goswami

Customer Relationship Manager

He is from Hoshiyarpur, India. When not up-to hunting talent, he loves to listen music, reading philosophy and interesting posts on the web. He loves to know about new cultures and places. He is always eager to hear stories of rural tribes and their histories. He has joined Trekatribe with a mission to promote Incredible India and real beauty of rural Himalayas. 

Karan Sahore

Karan Sahore

Operations Head & Tour Leader

A hospitality graduate who worked with corporate giants such as Quicksilver and Tommy Hilfiger for four years, Karan has now quit his job to pursue what he loves full time- explore the world on his own terms. An immensely cheerful personality, his love for travel, and the knowledge of it, makes him the perfect travel buddy!

Avantika Chaturvedi

Avantika Chaturvedi

Content Head

A literature graduate from Hindu College of Delhi University, Avantika is enthusiastic about slow and experiential travel and has a keen interest in blogging and photography. She loves interacting with local communities, tasting local delicacies and contributing to local economies while travelling. She is also extremely passionate about environment protection and animal rights, and advocates sustainable, responsible and ethical tourism which motivated her to join the Trek A Tribe family.

Sumit Sharma Trekatribe

Sumit Sharma

Business Development Head

He is an International business graduate from the UK. He has travelled across India and UK.  His love for travel and nature encouraged him to join Trekatribe in hopes taking this firm’s ideals of preserving the nature’s beauty and sharing the same experience with fellow travellers.


Pankaj Gera


He is a travel expert of Himachal Pradesh since last 20 years. He is a known personality in Hotels and Transport industry of Himachal. He has guided Trekatribe since the seed was sown. His advice has helped Trekatribe to develop a better roadmap. We are fortunate to have a relationship with him for getting travel industry insights and knowledge from Day 1.


Ishan Bajpai


He is a former Marketing Manager at Loreals. He has followed his passion for writing and is now a scriptwriter in Film & TV industry. He has always motivated Trekatribe to achieve higher success and helped to formulate a business plan. He is the ideal mentor for Trekatribe and it is his opinion we trust the most. His business advice and strategic mind have been a huge help to us.