An Overview

The beautiful Chamba valley is historically ancient and has a rich heritage and culture. Located by the banks of River Ravi which rises between the Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal ranges, Chamba has long been a hotspot for religious tourism and eco-tourism alike. The highest peak of Chamba is the Menthosa Peak, located at an altitude of 6,443 meters above sea level. Dalhousie is the most popular town here with bustling cafes, markets and hotels, while other famous points of interests in Chamba are Bharmour, Khajjiar, Manimahesh Lake etc. Located in the northwestern part of Himachal Pradesh, Chamba town is the administrative headquarters of this district. The two main languages of this district are Chambyali and Gaddi. Chambyali is mainly spoken here and its nearby areas whereas Gaddi language is mainly spoken in the tehsil Bharmour and Holi. Not only are there numerous treks here, Dalhousie and Khajjiar have also long been the go-to hilly getaway for the people from the plains of North India.

Chamba holds extreme historical and mythological significances, being the only district in northern India to keep a well-documented history since 500 AD. This has been mostly attributed to its high mountain ranges that have given Chamba a strategic location, helping in sheltering it from outside forces and preserving centuries-old relics and inscriptions. Chamba is also flanked by temples erected by rajas thousands of years ago, still standing tall. These temples continue to be places of worship even today and the original land grant deeds executed on copper plates by them continue to be valid by law even today! Amongst the several important temples here, Bhalei Mata Temple is very famous in Chamba, located about 35 kilometres from the main city. The Suhi Mata festival is held here for four days every year in March or April in memory of princess Sui. She is known to have sacrificed her life for the cause of her people, the people of this region.

Of the many tourist spots here, Khajjiar is one of the most popular ones and is often known as the "mini Switzerland" of Chamba. Chamba, with its panoramic rhapsodies, offers a plethora of tourist spots like Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary, Satdhara Falls, Bhuri Singh Museum, Dainkund Peak, Shivkul, Khajjiar Lake, Jhandri Ghat, St. Andrew's Church, Rang Mahal, Chamunda Devi Temple etc. Its geography is flanked by gorgeous landscapes and mountains. To the north are three main passes over the Pir Panjal into Lahaul: Kalicho, Kugti, and Chobia Passes. From Bharmour, a three-day trek is possible to Manimahesh Lake located at 3,950 meters in the Manimahesh Kailash, a spur running off the Pir Panjal. Chamba is a goldmine for adventure lovers, for they can have a gala time exploring the innumerable trekking, fishing, and camping options. Trekatribe offers trekking and sightseeing in all parts of the district including Manimahesh Lake, Khajjiar, Dalhousie, Bharmour, and Lam Dal. We are also soon going to open a trek from Kangra to Chamba via Indrahar Pass and via Kareri Lake.

Treks in Chamba