An Overview

Bir is a village in the Joginder Nagar Valley of Baijnath Tehsil in Kangra district in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Bir Billing is rightly the paragliding capital of India as the Paragliding World Cup 2015, a cross-country flying competition for paraglider pilots was organized by the PWCA (France) in Bir Billing. While Billing at 2,400 m is the take-off site for paragliding and Bir is the landing site, they are both collectively known as ‘Bir-Billing’. The landing site is on the southern edge of Bir tpwn- a Buddhist town with a monastery and a Tibetan handicraft centre. Billing is located 14 km north of Bir village by road. We will trek from Bir to Billing (7 km)  and also will be camping at Billing. On the way are small villages mostly populated by Gaddi shepherds or by the people of Bara Bangal, the landlocked area of Kangra district in the upper Ravi valley. Bir used to be the capital of the erstwhile Bara Bangal state.


Bir Village:

This village is also famous for monasteries set amidst the Dhauladhar range of the Indian Himalayas. Relax and rejuvenate yourself in this nature blessed village of Bir. Bir Tibetan colony was established in the early 1960s on the southwestern edge of the village. There are two monasteries which are very peaceful and welcoming. The Palpung Sherabling Monastery, also known as Bhattu Monastery is 6 km away from the landing site. On the way, drive/walk through the beautiful lush green farms and interact with the locals. Dzongsar Shedra Monastery is located in Chauntra, 4 km away from Bir. This monastery cum monastic college is set amidst the most beautiful view. Another attraction in the town is the Deer Park Institute.

Spring to summer is the most favourable season to get high up with the mountains and soar like a bird! Paragliding is a must do adventure in your life. Enjoy the extreme joy ride of 30 minutes in the sky. During the fly-time remember to wear a jacket, even if it is a warm day as it is always cold up in the air.


Delhi- Bir – Billing – Delhi


2,400 m

Trek Length

7.5 km (approx)


2 Nights/ 3 Days

Difficulty Level


Best Season

Throughout the year (Except Monsoon)

Bir Billing Itinerary

Day 1

Hop on to the evening luxury AC Volvo bus from Delhi, and give yourself a good night's sleep in the comfortable ride to the hills, as you prepare yourself for one of the best adventures of your life ahead!

Day 2

After reaching Bir at 7 am in the morning, we take some rest and start the trek to Billing. The starting point is Bir and from there we begin our uphill journey of 7 km).  The entire trek uphill should take about 3-4 hours. The climb is very easy with a few steep ascents here and there, and magnificent views giving you company throughout! After reaching Billing, we will have our lunch and camp at a beautiful site. Afternoons are reserved to relax, take a nap, read a book and enjoy life as it is. After witnessing a spectacular sunset that Bir is famous for, we get ready for some piping hot dinner to warm us against the strong evening winds at the ridge. Go to your camp bed with a happy tummy, and a happier heart, surrounded by such picturesque vistas.

Day 3

We wake up to the sound of silence and such serenity that it helps connect with yourself. After watching the sun slowly make its way up from behind the mountains, we gorge our breakfast and push off for paragliding. This adventurous ride of 30 minutes in the sky with a breathtaking views of the valley below will surely be one of the greatest highlight of your life. After landing at the southern part of Bir village, you are free to explore monasteries at Bir on your own or sit and eat at some amazing cafes. Board the evening Volvo bus to Delhi with a happy heart full of warm memories from this short but utterly eventful getaway!

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