An Overview

The road is an essential part of every traveller’s soul, for the saying ‘the journey is greater than the destination itself’ holds true for so many of us. It is on the road that we find so many amazing people who are now a major part of our lives. Be it while hitchhiking, or while sharing a seat in the bus, the importance of road journeys cannot be underlined enough! Everyone with an affinity to travel to the mountains has heard of Parvati Valley, Kullu Valley, Solang Valley, Spiti Valley but not many people really know what a gem Tirthan Valley is! Also known as Banjar Valley, located in the Kullu District, Tirthan is one of the few lesser explored valleys of India, with a huge potential for travel and tourism.

Named after the majestic Tirthan River, the valley is also home to the newly recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site – The Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP). With Tirthan Valley coming up as a traveler’s paradise, now is the perfect time to explore this lesser-explored nature’s gem of Himachal Pradesh!

Jalori Pass is popular because it serves as the starting point for the trek towards the majestic Serolsar Lake.

Tirthan Valley is not only home to the Great Himalayan National Park, but also some of the quaintest towns and villages in perhaps the entire Himachal Pradesh! Now famous places like Jibhi coupled with villages like Shoja, Gushaini, Nagini and Rolla etc., this offbeat destination has something to offer to everyone. From riverside retreats and fishing activities to forts, wildlife watching, and trekking to lakes, waterfalls and undiscovered villages, Tirthan Valley is truly nature’s bounty. So hop on to this once in a lifetime road trip that will take you through some of the most beautiful spots Tirthan Valley has to offer!


Chandigarh- Narkanda- Baga Sarahan- Jalori Pass- Jibhi- Chehni Kothi- Gushaini- Chandigarh


3,100 m (10,800 ft)

Total distance covered

700 km (approx)


4 Nights/5 Days

Difficulty Level


Best Season

Mid-June to Mid-September

Tirthan Valley Circuit Road Trip Itinerary

Day 1
We depart from Delhi/ Chandigarh during the early noon hours, and gorge on some roadside lunch on the highway itself! After covering a total of 175 kilometres on Day 1, we reach Narkanda from Chandigarh. Narkanda is a town located about 65 kilometres from the big city of Shimla and is surrounded by the Shivalik Range of the Himalayas. It is also one of the few skiing resorts of Himachal Pradesh in winters. Narkanda also serves as the basecamp for the famous Hatu Peak trek, the trek to the second highest peak of the Shimla district. Our stay at Narkanda will be at a homestay, as we feast on some traditionally cooked dinner to prepare ourselves for the journey that lies ahead!
Day 2
After rising early morning at Narkanda, we drive 100 kilometres to Baga Sarahan, driving through Rampur and Nirmand. What once used to be a major town on the Hindustan-Tibet trade route, Rampur is a town in the Shimla district, situated on the banks of the Satluj River. Rampur is famously known as the gateway to Kinnaur and connects Shimla to Kinnaur district. Nirmand is the small village which finally takes us into Kullu district from Shimla, paving our way ahead towards Tirthan Valley. This age-old village has been in place since the Vedic period and is known for its many stone and wooden temples dating to centuries ago. Our final destination at Baga Sarahan is a quaint traditional Himachali homestay with astounding views that will take your breath away! Baga Sarahan is a village of historic and religious importance. One of the 51 Shakti Peethas, the village has been mentioned in the Puranas and is also the site of the Bhimkali Temple. This village is also home to the Jujurana, a protected species and also the national bird of Himachal Pradesh. An extremely serene village flanked by steep cliffs and one side and deep ravines on the other, Baga Sarahan is definitely one of the most scenic stops on our entire journey!
Day 3
After a scenic stay at Baga Sarahan, we now drive 120 kilometres through the villages of Sainj and Aani to reach the magical Jalori Pass. This pass is a high altitude mountain pass with an elevation of 10,800 feet or 3,120 meters above sea level. With a temple of Budhi Nagin set atop the pass, this is one of the most scenic spots to witness snowcapped peaks on all sides! From Jalori Pass, we drive another 12 kilometres to reach the most popular town of Tirthan Valley, Jibhi. Jibhi is a beautiful place situated by the banks of the Tirthan River. Famous for its multiple waterfalls and freshwater trout, one can even head to the river to try their hand at angling! We finally head towards our stay at I Feel Himalayas Cottage.
Day 4
From Jibhi, we head out to explore some of the best spots the valley has to offer, including places like Chehni Kothi, Gushaini, Tirthan River, and some famous temples. One of the most stunning Towering Temples of Himachal Pradesh, Chehni Kothi was originally built for strategic defence purposes. Completely built of stone and wood, it suffered major damages in the 1905 Kangra Earthquake, completely destroying the top two storeys. After renovation, the present day Chehni Kothi only consists of five storeys instead of the original seven. This is one of the most beautiful spots in the Valley to witness a breathtaking sunset! Surrounded by the dense forests of GHNP on one side, and a spectacular view of the snowclad peaks on the other, Gushaini is an untouched gem nestled deep in the Tirthan Valley! We finally head back towards our stay at I Feel Himalayas Cottage.
Day 5
We start early in the morning to go visit the majestic Jibhi waterfall during sunrise. This waterfall is known for its tricky walk with slippery stones, but it is absolutely worth the effort as the views you will be welcomed with, are unlike any other! With the fresh glacial water cascading through rocks, forming pools of crystal clear blue waters, this is perhaps one of the most beautiful waterfalls India has to offer! And the best part? Not a lot of people have found out about it yet, so your Instagram pictures are going to be amazing like never before! After coming back to the cottage, we relish on some breakfast to reenergize ourselves, and start our drive back to Delhi/ Chandigarh, with a heart full of warmth and happy memories from this once in a lifetime road trip to the hills!
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