Chandernahan Lake

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Chandernahan Lake Trekking

An Overview

Shimla-Tangnu-Jhanglik-Dayara Thach-Litham Thach-Chandernahan Lakes-Shimla

4,200m /13,860 feet

Trek Length
20km (one-way)


Difficulty Level


Best Season

Mid-April to Mid-October.



  • The river Pabbar originates from Chandernahan,which cultivates a large area of Rohru and adjoining areas.
  • There is a waterfall of about height of 30 meters before it converts into regular flowing water of river Pabbar.
  • It is the birthplace of Devta Shikru. The temple of Devta ji is situated in the Heart of Rohru

Short Itinerary

Day 1
Arrival in Shimla. Drive towards Tangnu, Rohru and then towards Jhanglik village. A brief introduction about the location. After bonfire and dinner, night stay in Jhanglik village. The village is purely heritage and picturesque.
Day 2
After morning refreshments and breakfast, a trek towards Litham Thach through the meadows of Dayara Thach and Mounti Thach. Briefing about the peaks and passes around, bonfire, and night stay in tents.
Day 3
After breakfast move forward towards seven Glacial Ponds, The Chandernahan lakes .These Seven Glacial Ponds are the source of Pabbar river. After exploring the Lakes, back to Litham Thach. Dinner, bonfire and night stay in Litham Thach.
Day 4
Early morning descend from Litham Thach towards Jhanglik with a halt accompanying snacks and refreshments at Simbar Thach, a beautiful location on the way. After reaching Jhanglik, a 2km drive towards Tangnu village and finally the evening departure from Tangnu to Shimla.

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The number of Days and sightseeing to Rohru, Chanshal Pass, Dodra-Kwar, Sarahan, Shimla etc. and other nearby places can be added to the trek at an additional cost. Sightseeing to these places can be arranged depending on the road conditions during that time.