Chandernahan Lake Trekking

An Overview

The trek to Chandernahan lake at 4,200m is an adventurous trek in the Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh. The best time for this trek is in the month of Mid-April to Mid-October. Rohru is the nearest town from the base camp and the total length of the trek is 20km one-way. The Chandernahan lake is considered the point of origin of the Pabbar River and is located on the south-western slopes of the main Himalayas which lies to the north-west of Rohru in Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh. It is a highly revered lake for the inhabitants of the valley. The Devta’s devotees in this region consider the lake to be a sacred abode of Goddess Kali, who in turn is considered the caretaker of all the people living in the Rohru valley. The trek to Chandernahan takes you to a maximum altitude of around 4200 meters above sea level. From the village Tangnu, it takes nearly 10 hours trek to complete your journey to the lake. Enroute Chandernahan, you will reach Simbar Thach, Dayara Thach, and Litham Thach in between. The word "thach" in the pahadi language of Himachal means a meadow- a large plane area in hilly areas where goats and other animals use it for grazing. Similarly, the word "bugyal" is used for meadows in Uttarakhand. This tradition is almost ended now with modern day advancements but can still be seen here. In this beautiful Thach, you will definitely get the feel of a piece of heaven on Earth!

Shimla-Tangnu-Jhanglik-Dayara Thach-Litham Thach-Chandernahan Lakes-Shimla

4,200m /13,860 feet

Trek Length
20km (one-way)


Difficulty Level


Best Season

Mid-April to Mid-October.

Quick Facts About Chandernahan Lake Trek

  • The river Pabbar originates from Chandernahan, which cultivates a large area of Rohru and adjoining areas.
  • There is a waterfall of about height of 30 meters before it converts into regular flowing water of river Pabbar.
  • It is the birthplace of Devta Shikru. The temple of Devta ji is situated in the Heart of Rohru

Chandernahan Lake Trek Itinerary

Day 1

This adventurous trip begins with our arrival in Shimla from Delhi/ Chandigarh followed by a drive towards Tangnu, Rohru and then towards Jhanglik village. The village is rich in heritage and has immense picturesque views. At Jhanglik, we get a brief introduction about the location and its surrounding and we spend the night at the village after bonfire and a hearty dinner.

Day 2

After freshening up in the morning and having a power packed breakfast, we begin our trek towards Litham Thach through the mesmerising meadows of Dayara Thach and Mounti Thach with lunch en route. Upon reaching our destination, we familiarize ourselves with the peaks and passes visible from the area before heading on to a bonfire and a hearty dinner for a good night's sleep in the tents arranged for the stay.

Day 3

Today is the day when we finally move forward towards the seven Glacial Ponds, the Chandernahan Lake. These seven Glacial Ponds are the very source of Pabbar River. After exploring the lake and its surrounding area, we head back to Litham Thach followed by dinner, bonfire and night stay at Litham.

Day 4

On our last day, we rise early morning and start our descend from Litham Thach towards Jhanglik with a halt  at Simbar Thach for snacks and refreshments Simbar Thach is a beautiful location on the way. After reaching Jhanglik, we make the short 2 km drive towards Tangnu village and finally depart from Tangnu to Shimla in the evening.

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