Our 100 All-Time Favourite Road Trip Travel Songs (English)

It's been said enough- the travel and tourism industry has taken a hard hit during the coronavirus lockdown. From homestay and hotel owners and taxi drivers, to travel operators like Treaktribe and bloggers and photographers, these past few weeks have dismantled their daily lives and overnight shut their businesses. Even those who are a part of this industry passionately but not professionally have had to bear the brunt of this lockdown in India and across the world. The regular trekkers, backpackers, road trippers- all have had to isolate themselves from the fresh air of the mountains and the seaside in their concrete houses in polluted cities.

While we cannot offer our regular solution to your usual problems- take a trip with us, it'll change your life, what we can do is continue writing blogs and creating content that is reminiscent of our good old travel days. When the air was cleaner and the sun shone bright, when the cool breeze entangled our hair and when hugging the earth was much easier, these songs have helped us cope during these tough times, taking us back to where we belong (and we hope they'll do the same for you.) To help ease this travel withdrawal, we've compiled a list of our favourite English road trip travel songs. If you have travelled with us, you know these songs by heart. Sitting at the co-driver seat, our trip caption Karan would have assumed the role of the DJ and made everyone sing along as our Tempo Traveller traversed the narrow winding roads of our beloved Himalayas. In cold mountain nights, we have sung our hearts out along the tunes of these songs, sitting beside a bonfire. And if you haven't travelled with us yet, here's your chance to know these songs by heart and ace the sing-alongs that usually take place on our epic road journeys- once the coronavirus lockdown is over and lives can resume to normal!

  1. Cold Little Heart- Michael Kiwanuka
  2. With or without you- U2
  3. 18 till I die- Bryan Adams
  4. Have a cigar- Pink Floyd
  5. Fields of Gold- Sting
  6. Country Boy- Aaron Lewis
  7. Ain't no sunshine- John Mayer
  8. Albama- The Doors
  9. Living next door- Smokie
  10. Behind Blue Eyes- The Who
  11. Old Pine- Ben Howard
  12. Blue Ridge Mountain Sky- The Marshall Tucker Band
  13. Blowing in the wind- Bob Dylan
  14. The North County- Bob Dylan & Jhonny Cash
  15. Can't you see- The Marshall Tucker Band
  16. The road to hell- Chris Rea
  17. Coming back to life- Pink Floyd
  18. Country Roads- John Denver
  19. Walk of Life- Dire Straits
  20. Do you remember- Jack Johnson
  21. Dreamer - Ozzy Osbourne
  22. Drunken Soldier- Dave Mathews Band
  23. Layla- Eric Clapton
  24. Fadeaway- Porcupine Tree
  25. Fly eagle fly- The Marshall Tucker Band
  26. Fly like an eagle- The Marshall Tucker Band
  27. Forever man- Eric Clapton
  28. Gravity(Live in LA)- John Mayer
  29. Sweet child of mine- Guns n Roses
  30. Hard Sun- Eddie Vedder
  31. Hard to handle- The Black Crowes
  32. Have you ever seen the rain- Creedence Clearwater Revival
  33. Hey There Delilah- Plain White T's
  34. Walk away- Xavier Rudd
  35. I was made for loving you- Kiss
  36. Follow the Sun- Xavier Rudd
  37. Iron Sky- Paolo Nutini
  38. Iris- Goo Goo Dolls
  39. I play you listen- Odesza
  40. It's only- Odesza
  41. It's my life- Bon Jovi
  42. It's a long way to the top- AC DC
  43. It's all over now baby blue- Bob Dylan
  44. Stand by me- Ben E King
  45. I can see clearly now- Jhonny Nash
  46. Your Man- Josh Turner
  47. Last Dance with Mary Jane- Tom Petty
  48. Last Kiss- Pearl Jam
  49. Leaving on a jet plane- John Denver
  50. Lemon Tree- Fools Garden
  51. Let it rain- Eric Clapton
  52. Free Bird- Lynyrd Skynyrd
  53. Mama I'm coming home- Ozzy Osbourne
  54. No rain- Blind Melon
  55. Ob la di - ob la da- The Beatles
  56. Old Man- Neil Young
  57. Orange Sky- Alexi Murdock
  58. Yellow ledbetter- Pearl Jam
  59. Black- Pearl Jam
  60. People are strange- The Doors
  61. Pickup Man- Joe Diffie
  62. I want to break free- Queen
  63. The rescue blues- Ryan Adams
  64. Roadhouse blues- The Doors
  65. Roll another joint- Tom Petty
  66. Romeo & Juliet- The Killers
  67. She's waiting- Eric Clapton
  68. Simple Man- Lynyrd Skynyrd
  69. Smoke on water- Deep Purple
  70. Snow outside- Dave Mathews Band
  71. Chasing cars- Snow Patrol
  72. So Far away- Dire Straits
  73. Spring wind- Jack Johnson
  74. Stairway to heaven- Led Zeppelin
  75. Stuck in a moment- U2
  76. Take a back road- Rodney Atkins
  77. Take it easy- Eagles
  78. Tequila sunrise- Eagles
  79. Thorn in my pride- The Black Crowes
  80. Time- Pink Floyd
  81. Time of your life- Green Day
  82. Tree by the river- Iron & Wine
  83. Tuesday's gone- Lynyrd Skynyrd
  84. Turn the page- Bob Seger
  85. Walking far from home- Iron & Wine
  86. When the levee breaks- Led Zeppelin
  87. Without you here- Goo Goo Dolls
  88. Yellow- Coldplay
  89. Is this love- Bob Marley & The Wailers
  90. No Way- David Gilmore
  91. Alive- Pearl Jam
  92. I'm yours- Jason Mraz
  93. My my, hey hey- Neil Young
  94. Was I right or was I wrong- Lynyrd Skynyrd
  95. 7 Years- Lukas Graham
  96. Shine on you crazy diamond- Pink Floyd
  97. Paradise- Coldplay
  98. 1973- James Blunt
  99. Free Fallin- Tom Petty
  100. Hey Jude- The Beatles



When you close your eyes and listen to these songs, imagine yourself sitting in a van by the window, in the crisp air of the mountains with a dash of piney fragrance and you'll find yourself right where you belong. These songs have been played repeatedly by us and many others like us- the dreamers, the wanderers, the wonderers and the lovers. These songs have given life to people who think differently and feel more than others do. To the outliers, the free people, to those who believe in magic and all things good, we hope these difficult time are over soon and our minds and bodies are no more caged and we are able and willing to roam free, once again and wonder where our hearts and minds really belong.

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