An Overview

Since time immemorial, Himachal Pradesh has been the hotspot for mountain tourism and treks for both domestic and foreign tourists in India. Home to the Western Himalayas, several Himalayan ranges pass through this state including Dhauladhar, Pir Panjal, Kinner Kailash, Trans-Himalayan amongst many many more. Literally meaning "abode of snow", Himachal is also known to be the fruit bowl of India with a variety of fruits growing naturally across various parts of the state including peach, apricot, apple, walnut and more. The state capital of Himachal Pradesh is Shimla which is also home to Asia's only natural ice skating rink. Himachal Pradesh's highest peak, Reo Purgyil, is located in Spiti Valley at a height of 6,816 meters above sea level. With such scenic beauty all around, even airports here are incredibly beautiful. Though small, Himachal Pradesh has three airports- in Shimla, Dharamshala and Kullu. The state transport system of Himachal Pradesh is extremely efficient with over 3000 buses plying across over 2500 routes in the state. Most popular tourists spots have PWD, Forest Department and Tourism Department guest houses apart from which traditional pahadi homestays can be found in most villages throughout. Houses in Himachal are traditionally made in pahadi architecture using wood and stones except for Spiti Valley where traditional houses are made of mud with thatched roofs.

A majority of the area is mountainous with lofty ranges, deep valleys, swaying waterfalls and lush greenery. A land of splendid mountains, a pristine place which feeds and provides solace to the mind and soul, a pious land which is associated with the supernatural, an enigma of a place which attracts people from every nook and corner of the world. Apart from Spiti Valley and parts of Lahaul where Buddhism is the predominant religion, majority of Himachal Pradesh follows Hinduism. With deep reverence to various Hindu gods, especially Lord Shiva, there are several Hindu festivals that are celebrted with immense gusto in the state. These include Holi in Kinnaur; Mahashivratri in Mandi, Dusshera in Kullu amongst many more.

Wiith increasing tourism, there definitely is a need to check overtourism and fall back on sustainable practices, of which Trekatribe is a proud advocate. We believe in experiential, immersive and sustainable tourism where we give back to the local community by relying on traditional homestays for accomodation and local dhabas for food. This does not only ensure that the local eonomy is benefitting instead of the already booming capitalist ventures, but also helps our guest have a true Himachali experience and immerse in the traditional way of life. Trekatribe organizes several roadtrips across the state, as well as treks ranging from beginner to advanced levels to provide you with an oppurtunity to explore this naturally bountiful, culturally rich and mythologically significant land!