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Trek Planning- The Essentials before You Set to Hike

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TREK PLANNING- THE ESSENTIALS BEFORE YOU SET TO HIKE By Ishaan Goswami A hike requires more than just deciding where and when to go. This means your trek needs to be evaluated initially before moving out to the mountain terrains. When a particular group plans a hike or a trek, it needs to go through all the dynamicity an expedition could offer. I would love to give you an idea. DESIGN A LOCATION LAYOUT AND […]

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Beautiful People of Himachal

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Beautiful People of Himachal By Pradipta Dutta As travelers and especially if we are solo traveling, we are always uncertain about what we might be facing when we are traveling – so many different kinds of experiences and people, and if you are a woman solo traveler, it gets a bit more jittery because of all those warnings and stories you get to hear from the people you know. I feel, that if it wasn’t […]

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Learn to travel, Travel to learn

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Chandertal Lake 22 - Learn to travel, Travel to learn

Learn to Travel, Travel to learn By Vaibhav Thakur I always used to wonder how can I travel more and live a balanced life. To travel more is what most of the people regret in their life when they wish they could. But is it so difficult? Some people travel as it is a form of escape, some want to explore new cultures and regions and some are just addicted to it and it is […]

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