An Overview

The valley of the upper Beas between the Rohtang Pass and Jalori Pass, bordered by the Great Himalayas, Kullu is the ultimate arena for adventurers. Common Attractions are Manali, Kasol, Tirthan, Malana, etc. There are many treks in Kullu and the highest peak in Kullu is Parvati Parvat. Kullu is one of the 12 districts of Himachal Pradesh, India. The district stretches from the village of Rampur in the south to the Rohtang Pass in the North. The largest valley in the district is called the Kullu Valley, which is also known as the Valley of the Gods. Another important valley in the district is the Lug valley where the main forest contractors have been extracting timber from the forests for the last 150 years and continue to do so today. The ancient seat of the kings of Kullu was at Naggar Castle, about 12 km north of the present town, and thought to have been built in the early 17th century by Raja Sidh Sing. To the northeast of Valley, lies the famous, Malana Valley. In the eastern part of the district, the village of Manikaran contains Sikh and Hindu temples and popular hot springs with Parvati valley adventures. Kullu is a traveler's paradise and the places here have been an all-time favorite of the tourists from India and abroad like Bijli Mahadev Shrine, Raghunathji Temple, Parvati Valley, Rohtang La, and Manali. Adventure lovers can have a gala time exploring the innumerable trekking, fishing, skiing, camping, and golf and ice-skating options. Trekatribe offers Trekking and sightseeing in all parts of this beautiful district including Kheerganga, Malana, Rasol, Kasol, Grahan, Bhrigu Lake, Hampta Pass, Rohtang Pass, Beas Kund, Chandrakhani Pass, Magic Valley, Jibhi, Banjar, Tirthan valley, Jalori Pass, Serolkar Lake, Great Himalayan National Park, and Srikhand Mahadev trek.

Quick Facts-

Latitude- 31.835566,Longitude- 77.474785

Altitude varying between 500 - 6632 m

Highest Peak in Kullu -Parvati Parvat 6632 m

Population- 437903 (2011)

Area- 5503 sq. km

Rivers- Beas & Parvati

Literacy- 79.4%

Sex Ratio- 942